Running in the Evening

34 Inches gone!

34 Inches gone!

July 31, s016

We did measurements on Friday. I’ve only lost 4 pounds from the last time we measured but I still lost almost 4 inches. That makes a total of 34 inches lost since January. That’s a lot of inches. It would be interesting to know what my numbers would be had I measured myself at my heaviest. Losing weight has always been a battle so I’m sure I could find some stats somewhere.

I have a silly summer cold. I’ve been taking it easy for the last few days and I’m going a little stir crazy because of it. It’s been 4 days since I’ve ran. Since marathon training commenced, I run at least 5 days a week. We run 18 miles tomorrow and I’m very nervous! We usually run our longer runs in the morning but due to some scheduling issues we will be running in the evening. It should be interesting that’s for sure!

Before and Now

Before and Now

My younger brother shared a memory a few days ago on Facebook. It was from a family get together 3 years ago. I was a little shocked to see the picture. I was at my heaviest. At the time I remembering feeling like I wasn’t that big. That was definitely a lie. The Capri pants I was wearing were a 20 and my tank top was a 2X. Today I wear a 12 comfortably but can fit into a 10. My shirt size varies between a medium-large/xl depending on the brand.

I have 20 pounds to go before I meet my goal. My progress has slowed down considerably but I’m still making progress. I need to keep my head on straight and continue moving forward. Thanks for all the support!!


August 7, 2016

It finally happened. Since I started running I have heard of runners having bad training days. I had been lucky until last Monday. Because of our schedules we weren’t able to run until Monday evening. I over analyzed everything I did on Monday. Questioned everything I ate, did I eat enough or too much? Did I eat early enough before the run? I basically had anxiety all day about the run. I felt fine when I started the run.

We got to about mile 2, I started having some chest pain. It felt almost as if I couldn’t catch my breath.  I kept checking my heart rate and it was normal, low even, for running. I was averaging 134-140bpm. I thought maybe I was having some heart burn. Everything feels different when you’re running. Around mile 7 we stopped at a bathroom where I threw up. I thought maybe that would help. I didn’t feel like I was working too hard, it wasn’t hot outside either. I really couldn’t figure out what the problem was. We ended up running by my parents house were we stopped to get some tums, still no relief.

Finally around 11 miles I decided to call it quits. We called a friend for a ride home. (Thanks Danielle!) When I got home I stretched really good and showered. It took me almost 2 hours to calm down.  After all was said and done I’m pretty sure I was having an anxiety attack through the run. I was very angry with myself.

I’m blessed to have a running partner that was concerned and compassionate. Now we know running long runs in the evening are not for me! We still have several long training days before the marathon. We called last Monday a wash and are adding a few more miles to this weeks run.

This last weekend was my birthday. My husband and I went to Seattle. I didn’t plan my meals out and just went with the flow. Ugh! I wish I would have made a better effort. While in the moment it felt good to not have to worry about what we were eating. After math was not fun. We went to a Mariner’s game where the only options were fried food or fried food. Needless to say I spent most of my birthday weekend not feeling well and sluggish. Lesson well learned.

Meal planning for trip.

Meal planning for trip.

I am going to Bend for a few days this week.  Monday, Kirstin and I are running 15 miles and I will drive to Bend when I am done. My meals are planned out and ready to go. To start I will have a protein bar and banana pre run. The remainder of the meals will look similar for the week.

I made 2 meals with salmon, brown rice and broccoli. I will have 2 protein shakes a day, one for breakfast and one for afternoon snack. I bought pre-made salads for convince and for snacks I will have almonds and an apple in the morning and a bag of veggies after dinner. I am more than ready to get this last 20 pounds off! I will hit my goal!

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