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IMG_0098June 21, 2016

The kids are on their first full week of Summer vacation. I am finding it hard to balance a workout routine with the kids being home. My friend and I have been doing kid swap and park trips to get our workouts in. My workout routine has changed a bit since I’m training for a marathon in September. We do 5 smaller runs during the week. Any where from 3-5 miles and one long run usually on the weekend. Right now our long runs have been 10 miles but it will gradually go up as the summer progresses. We will most likely do a lot of early morning runs to beat the heat.

I enjoy running outside now. In the beginning of my running journey, I felt more comfortable on the treadmill. I was able to keep a comfortable pace and could see the distance in front of me. Now that I am confident in my running endurance, I would much rather be outside.

The scale is slowly showing progress. I IMG_0481am almost in the 160’s!! I have started a new meal plan with Tirzah. I joined the In.form class she is teaching. We are learning about gut health and the benefits of detoxing our bodies from sugars. The class is informative and allows me to have some accountability. We follow week to week with a work book and there is a daily check off list. We eat lots of veggies, greens and proteins.

It is an adjustment for sure. The first few days I felt really good. The middle of the 2nd week I started to feel discouraged. I felt fatigued during workouts and didn’t feel like I could work as hard as I usually do. My body just felt weird detoxing. I’m excited to start feeling the benefits of a “clean” body. I haven’t been too adventurous in meal prepping. Mostly been eating the same things lately to get on a routine and getting familiar with the diet plan. My 3 favorite meals to eat currently are; egg muffins, burrito bowl salad and yellow squash, turkey sausage with marinara.

I pretty much followed this recipe

For the egg muffins but I used turkey breakfast sausage and I used water instead of almond milk, although almond milk is allowed in the plan I’m following. I top 2 of the egg muffins with a sprinkle of mozzarella, a couple spoonfuls of pico de gallo and 1/2 of a small avocado. It ends up being about 330 cals.

For the burrito salad I make, I use 5 oz of romaine lettuce, 1/4 cup rinsed low sodium black beans, 4 oz of chicken breast, 1/2 small avocado, several scoops of pico de gallo and 2 tablespoons of a yogurt based salsa ranch. It is delicious and usually comes out around 380 calories. It’s big and very filling.

I found some Italian nitrate free chicken sausage links (in the hot dog section at Safeway) that go really well with about 9 ounces of yellow squash sliced and quartered in large chunks. I fry them together for a short amount of time in some olive oil and then top them with 1/2 cup of sugar free marinara sauce. This dish is about 290 calories. Depends on what kind of sausage and marinara you use. So quick and easy. Also very filing.

I am going to be trying some new recipes soon. I would like to make a pizza crust out of zucchini or possibly cauliflower. I’ve also seen taco shells made out of zucchini. That might be fun to try.

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